Jet Art Fashions

Jet Art Fashion merges a contemporary expressionist’s view of color and pattern with modern technology The Jet Engine.

Creating fashion as never before imagined, the collection is designed for those who live beyond boundaries, who see life as an amalgamation of events, emotions and experiences never to be repeated. Jet Art, comprised of the daring, but stylish Original and Giclée jeans and silk scarves, is not for the faint of heart.

The Jet Art Fashion line of luxury ultra premium original denims, Giclée jeans and chiffon silk scarves were created by an original art form: Jet Art. This dramatic and spectacular art form comes to life when paint is placed into the blast of a screaming jet engine, a force several times greater than hurricane winds. The 500-degree heat and enormous velocity blend the colors and weld the paint onto the denim, making every pair of original jeans unique, capturing a moment in time – never to be duplicated even by the artist. The designs are strategically coaxed onto these stunning creations to enhance the female shape and draw the eye to flattering elements of the female form.



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