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For the first time in the history of art, “the jet” being the modern means of travel and transport is used as an art element.


The power current of “the jet engine” replaces the brush, and paint is hurled into the force at approximately seven tons, several times greater than hurricane winds. Heat welds and blends the paint onto a reinforced canvas. The artist is positioned on a hydraulic platform between the jet and the canvas, the result is a synthesis of power, timing and environment. It is the art of a visionary’s sense of color, texture and balance that creates these unusual abstract paintings.


The jet blast itself creates the most amazing texture and structure, which cannot be achieved by a brush or a palette knife, and can only be accomplished with the heat and velocity of the jet engines. There are many factors the artist must consider for success; wind, temperature, heat, when to stop the engine, the right thickness of the paint itself, and exact timing.


This idea can only be brought to fruition by the collaboration of the artist, aviation specialists, and a team of technicians. This controlled manipulation of technology requires an exact knowledge of each individual component.


The Artist believes that, “To create art, one must intimately know the color wheel and understand the timing and blending of exactly the right paints. The work must be balanced and beautifully proportioned; and as a result she chooses colors indigenous to the “pulse” of the city, wherever the productions are executed.


Jet Art was first made popular in the 80’s when the Artist excited his audiences with his productions. Jet Art breaks the bounds of Modernism and Post-Modernism. No one to date has been able to re-produce or compare to the style and technique. Each painting is an original and can never be copied even by the artist.


The Artist has used a variety of jets: including Lear jets, Citation II, Hawkers, Gulfstream, “Multi Million Dollar Paintbrushes”



Princess Tarinan von Anhalt Biography


Born in New York and raised in Miami Beach Florida, Tarinan has always had a colorful background. Offered an art scholarship to Pratt Institute at 12 years of age, she studied Art and the Masters, then continued to graduate Cum Laude from the University of Miami while spending her summers sketching in Vichy, Paris and Italy.


The true turning point in her artistic life was when she met and married renowned expressionist artist Jurgen, Prinz von Anhalt. She became a princess by marriage and began training in the intensive process of the unique art form Jet Art, which uses enormous velocity, greater than hurricane winds, by directing paint into the blast of a jet engine.


Tarinan began expressing herself with Jet Art Productions in 2006, continuing her late husband’s artistic vision, and in 2008 became the first woman in the world to brave the jet stream to create her art. Since then she has “Jet-Arted” numerous collections for high-end events and private art aficionados all over the world.

Jet Art has carried her beyond the traditional canvas to other mediums, including the painting of The Chamois, a 500 lb. gold statue that was shipped from famous Austrian ski resort Kitzbuehel to Palm Springs and displayed on the famous El Paseo Drive.


As founder of Jet Art Fashion, marking the intersection of contemporary art and stylish design with cutting-edge technology, she’s worked with creative director Hulon Crawford II, formerly the head art director and graphic designer of HBO. Jet Art Fashion made its debut in 2012 on the runways of Couture Fashion Week in New York City at the prestigious Waldorf Astoria Hotel.


The transition from Jet Artist to luxury fashion designer is a natural progression for Tarinan and continues the legacy established by the Jet Art movement while exploring her understanding of what art can be in our lives.


Jet Art Group, Tarinan’s holding company, is kicking off  in 2013 with a partnership with Flexjet, a division of Bombardier, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Learjet through the creation of exclusive, one-of-a-kind jet art pieces for its owners.

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